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Loving Family: Cross-generation Reading Campaign has been launched for a year. The concept is recognized by all kindergartens and we succeeded in bringing the message to home.
To extend the project and continue promoting students to understand more about their grandparents through stories and pull closer the relationships between three generations, Foundation supported the project again and try to build the belief further in school lives and academic curriculum.

Evaluation Report 2016-2017
Participating schools
Target Audience
Program Content

Participating schools

Hong Kong
New Jade Elementi Kindergarten
The Women's Welfare Club (eastern District) Nursery Hong Kong
Creativity (Park Vale) Kindergarten
Oi Kwan Rd Baptist Church Lui Kwok Pat Fong Kindergarten
ELCHK Amazing Grace Nursery School
Rhenish Mission School
Hong Kong Christian Service Times Nursery School
St James' Settlement Kathleen Mcdouall Kindergarten
Hong Kong Society For The Protection Of Children Thomas Tam Nursery School
St James Lutheran Kindergarten
Rightmind International Nursery & Kindergarten
Creative Kindergarten (Sham Wan Towers)
Baptist Pui Li School

United Christian Med Service Nursery School
Hong Kong Christian Service Kwun Tong Nursery School
Diamond Hill Baptist Church Bright Blossoms Kindergarten
Five Districts Business Welfare Association Cheung Chuk Shan Kin
Jonathan Innovative English Kindergarten
Redemption Lutheran Kindergarten
Po Leung Kuk Wong Siu Ching Kindergarten
Tung Wah Group Of Hospitals Lai Tang Yuen-kaw Kindergarten
YMCA OF HK Christian Kindergarten (Kai Ching)
Hong Kong Christian Service Tai Hang Tung Nursery School
Hong Kong Christian Service Lei Cheng Uk Nursery School
St Monica's Kindergarten
First Assembly Of God Primary School And Kindergarten
Ludus Kindergarten Nursery
Christian Little Tree Kindergarten
HKSPC Ma Tau Chung Nursery School
HKSPC Park'n Shop Staff Charitable Fund Nursery School
Tung Wah Group Of Hospitals Wong See Sum Kindergarten
The Hong Kong Federation Of Youth Groups Kk Cheng Kindergarten
Tsung Tsin Mission Of Hong Kong On Hong Nursery School
Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten
Hong Kong Christian Service Central Nursery School
The Church Of Christ In China Kei Wa Kindergarten
Sisters Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Wong Tai Sin Kindergarten.
St Thomas' Church Kindergarten

New Territories
Tsung Tsin Mission Graceful Kindergarten
ELCHK Tseung Kwan O Kindergarten
Baptist Convention of HK Rchk Northwest Kindergarten
Tseung Kwan O Methodist Kindergarten
Tsung Tsin Mission Of Hong Kong On Yee Nursery School
Truth Baptist Church Pictorial Kindergarten
Jingle Bell Kindergarten
HKEC Elite Kindergarten
Mynors International Kindergarten
Dawning Views Elementi English Kindergarten
The Neighbourhood Advice-action Council Fanling Day Nursery
Kam Tsin Village Ho Tung Kindergarten
Kin Sang Baptist Church Bradbury Pre-School
Po Leung Kuk Tin Ka Ping Siu Hong Kindergarten
Sun Island Kindergarten (tung Chung Branch)
St Monica's Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten
St Monica's Kindergarten (Tsuen Wan)
Yan Chai Hospital Choi Pat Tai Kindergarten
Rock Of Ages Lutheran Kindergarten
Lok King Kindergarten
Melody Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Prime View Garden Branch)
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Tung Chung Nursery School
Heng On Baptist Nursery School
Gloria Creative Kindergarten / International Nursery
Gloria Creative Kindergarten (sheung Shui)
Islamic Pok Oi Kindergarten
Hong Kong Society For The Protection Of Children Lam Woo Nursery
HKSPC Operation Santa Claus Fanling Nursery School
The Church Of Christ In China Fuk Yau Kindergarten
Tung Wah Group Of Hospitals Nickon Kindergarten
Tung Wah Group Of Hospitals Wong Wu Lai Ming Kindergarten
Kwai Shing Rhenish Church Kindergarten
YWCA On Ting Nursery School
Shun Tak Fraternal Association Leung Lee Sau Yu (shatin) Kindergarten
Sin Ching Kindergarten
Tung Wah Group Of Hospitals Chan King Har Kindergarten
Fok Loy Estate Kam Chuen Kindergarten
Chuen Yuen Church Kindergarten
Parkview Rhine Garden Pre-School
Hong Kong 5-S Kindergarten

Target Audience

- Kindergartens which participate in this campaign
- Multi Generation Families

Program Content

- “Grandparents story telling volunteer”
- “Loving Family: Cross-generation Bookshelf” in schools
- “Reading storybooks together” in schools
- “Cross-generation” activities
- “Loving Family: cross-generation music” workshop
- “Loving Family: cross-generation fun day”
- “Loving Family: cross-generation” teaching material