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Active Ageing Eco Guide Programme

A survey conducted in 2019 by the organization Happy Retired found that of 490 retirees and semi-retirees more than one in 10 did not know what to do with their time, and those respondents aged 56 to 60 were the unhappiest and loneliest. Collaborating with WWF, the two-year pilot project Hong Kong Active Aging Eco Guide Program will engage 100 retirees (age 55 - 60+) to join Eco Guide Training Courses together with other participants of all ages for maximum collaboration, integration and skill sharing. After completing the training, at least 50% of Active Aging Eco Guides expected to pass the assessment and take up part-time paid roles as Eco Guides and even have chances to tour for their own families. All qualified Eco Guides will work alongside WWF staff to deliver community engagement programs to the public at Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park and Island House Conservation Studies Centres.

Words of Affirmation for Family

Showing appreciation to family members through words of affirmation help to create a happy and harmonious environment at home. To promote the family value “Words of Affirmation for Family” and happy family relationships effectively, Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation will co-organize with Wofoo Social Enterprises and The Boys’ & Girls’ Club Association of Hong Kong for a one-year campaign. The video of Family Happiness Index Survey 2019 (5 love language as a communication tool) 1. Loving Family Children Song Composition Competition Encourage the public to express their views on "Words of Affirmation for Family"through children song composition and educate children family values. competition website 2. Loving Family School Project - Family Seeds Fund Through the school's activities to promote happy family relationships, students can recognise positive family values ​​and build good family relationships with their families. Project's details The media coverages of "Words of Affirmation" Survey conference": Press Release AM730 家庭開心指數不跌反升 專家︰無包外來環境因素 (2019-9-3) Sing Tao Daily 家庭開心指數較去年上升(2019-9-3) Sing Tao Education 家庭開心指數升 逾七成受訪者間中或從不表達愛(2019-9-3) Hong Kong Economic Journal 家庭開心指數勝去歲(2019-9-3) Pneuma News 2019香港家庭開心指數上升 青春期遇上更年期 要懂得說「愛」(2019-9-3) Parenting Headline 【幸福美滿】家庭開心指數6.89分 較去年微升 (2019-9-3) Oriental daily 50%受訪者不懂向家人示愛 (2019-9-3) 家庭開心指數升 惟逾5成人不懂向家人表達愛意 (2019-9-2)

Simple Living@Happy Family

We are now living in a society which people consume goods or services for reasons beyond their basic use-value and that is slowly destroying our environment and possibly affecting our family relationships. Lee Kum Kee family Foundation is collaborating with Wofoo Social Enterprises for a one year “S.Living@Happy Family” project to promote the concept of simple living through different activities. Through this project, we would like to encourage more families to adopt simple lifestyle to reduce environmental hazards and improve family relationships.

Gearing Up for Third Age & Multi-Generational Capacity Building

The ageing issue is getting worse in Hong Kong. The retirement population is growing rapidly, and they are looking for a positive and dynamic lifestyle. The Gearing Up for Third Age & Multi-Generational Capacity Building project is expected to help third agers equipping their future challenges and build harmonious multi-generational family relationships in an aging society.

Loving Family School Project - Family Seeds Fund

In order to promote the mutual attention and linkage of family members, as well as the participation and promotion of different sectors, the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation has set up a "Loving Family School Project--Family Seeds Fund". Hoping that schools can use the grant, resources and materials on loving family learning platforms, design and implement projects and activities in the school to promote happy family relationships. Students are expected to participate in learning activities, to understand the family values ​​and to build good family relationships with their families. Details of Family Seeds Fund (Click here to download) Application form (Click here to download) Suggested contents of the questionnaire (For student/ For students' family)

Project on "the Pledge of Love from Generation to Generation"

"The Pledge of Generations of Love" project is co-hosted by Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation and Golden Age Foundation. This project is to impart general public with message of love from generation to generation. It aims to encourage individuals in society to manifest love through actions in daily family lives. By using intergenerational activities, family ties can be strengthened; unity among members can be increased; integration of all ages and generations can be motivated. It is here that the theory of "Prevention before sickness" will be brought up to promote Healthy Families. Through the potentials of such families, a harmonious society can be built.

Education Project for Multi-generation families II

The tension between the mother-in-law (or father-in-law) and daughter-in-law, different parenting methods in two generations of parents will lead to intergenerational conflicts easily. This affects the individual's mental health and family functions. The “Education Project for Multi-generation families” project has been implemented for three years and has successfully assisted multi-generational families to establish positive harmonious relationships and arouse the community’s awareness. In view of this, the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation once again sponsored the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society to continue this project. It hopes to deepen and promote harmonious intergenerational family relationships through the establishment of multi-generational family education research. Project Website

Loving Family Scriptwriting Competition

The Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation organizes Loving Family scriptwriting competition to promote happy family relationships. The public are invited to submit short film screenplays based on the theme of “Spending quality time with family”. The "Best Screenplay" award-winning work will be made into a short film and shared on social media to promote the family health value, happy family relationships, and social harmony. Online application form and submission (ended on October 31) Script Template (click here)

Loving Family Children Song Composition Competition

Family health has a positive impact on a harmonious society, and children are the future of society. The healthy growth of children is closely linked with good family relationships. Spending more time with children and enjoying happy time with each other helps strengthen mutual attention and connection. To promote Happy Family Relationships, the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation organizes Loving Family Children Song Composition Competition. We hope to through the creativity of the music creators to compose the melody and lyrics with the family value, spending quality time with family. Through the children's songs as a medium for inculcating family health value from childhood and promoting social harmony. Enter the competition website

Loving Family: Cross-generation Reading Campaign II

Loving Family: Cross-generation Reading Campaign has been launched for a year. The concept is recognized by all kindergartens and we succeeded in bringing the message to home. To extend the project and continue promoting students to understand more about their grandparents through stories and pull closer the relationships between three generations, Foundation supported the project again and try to build the belief further in school lives and academic curriculum. Evaluation Report 2016-2017