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Picture book of my Grandparents

According to research, loneliness is common among elderlies especially those living alone. Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation is collaborating with Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association for a two-year project, “Picture book of my Grandparents”, which aims to encourage intergenerational connections and reduce elderlies’ loneliness through different activities including picture book training by letting grandparents telling grandchildren their own stories. Through this project, we would also like to arouse children’s curiosity about their grandparents and increase the understanding of their clan.

“The Treasure In My Family” School Performance Day

Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation is collaborating with Childhood Is Limited for a one-year project, “The Treasure In My Family” School Performance Day, which aims to focuses on cross-generation, build a better understanding and relationship between kids and their grandparents through different workshops and performance day.

Everyone a Caregiver

The elderly population has grown larger than ever, yet the infrastructure in society is far from ready to support such a sizeable elderly population. Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation is collaborating with Mealingful for a one-year project, “Everyone a Caregiver”, which aims to arouse interest and awareness of elderly care among the younger generation, and further train their skillsets as future caregivers through online campaigns and offline workshops.


The Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation is initiating a program HCFCare, to help healthcare professionals and their families enhance the family wellbeing. The program covers topics including stress management, empathetic communication and listening skills, tools of five love languages, mindfulness, etc. We provide short videos, webinars, online workshops, online support groups, counseling services to make it easy to fit into the hectic schedules of healthcare professionals' families. By the active participation of family members of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, they will come away with useful and tactful practice wisdom to help their families coping with the current public health crisis. This program relies on the contribution and services provided by our non-governmental partners who are experts in promoting family relationships. We intend to build a platform and pool all the resources to it so that all family members can access it easily and in a user-friendly approach. HCFCare Facebook Page

Travel with DADs

By the results of a 6-year research by Hong Kong Scene “Project P.A.T.H.S.”, the indicators of fatherhood and child-bonding is low. Over 30%of the primary students expressed that they could spend less than 30 minutes a day interacting with their fathers. To promote active fathering lifestyle, we will collaborate with Dads Network for a one year project “Travel with DADs” to connect fathers through community, school and social service to share joy and challenges in their fatherhood journey. Also we hope to help fathers to understand the importance of spending quality time with their children and know better of their role as a father, son and husband. The project will engage Kindergarten, primary school and local NGOs in north district such as Sheung Shui, Fanling and Tai Po.

The Green Family Coalition

Lee Kum Kee family Foundation is collaborating with the Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong) for a one-year project, “The Green Family Coalition”, which aims to combine conservation knowledge with parenting skills, and through workshops and different green family activities to incubate parents and grandparents to be active ambassador for the environment and role model for their child on the road of conservation.

Active Ageing Eco Guide Programme

A survey conducted in 2019 by the organization Happy Retired found that of 490 retirees and semi-retirees more than one in 10 did not know what to do with their time, and those respondents aged 56 to 60 were the unhappiest and loneliest. Collaborating with WWF, the two-year pilot project Hong Kong Active Aging Eco Guide Program will engage 100 retirees (age 55 - 60+) to join Eco Guide Training Courses together with other participants of all ages for maximum collaboration, integration and skill sharing. After completing the training, at least 50% of Active Aging Eco Guides expected to pass the assessment and take up part-time paid roles as Eco Guides and even have chances to tour for their own families. All qualified Eco Guides will work alongside WWF staff to deliver community engagement programs to the public at Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park and Island House Conservation Studies Centres.

Words of Affirmation for Family

Showing appreciation to family members through words of affirmation help to create a happy and harmonious environment at home. To promote the family value “Words of Affirmation for Family” and happy family relationships effectively, Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation will co-organize with Wofoo Social Enterprises and The Boys’ & Girls’ Club Association of Hong Kong for a one-year campaign. The video of Family Happiness Index Survey 2019 (5 love language as a communication tool) 1. Loving Family Children Song Composition Competition Encourage the public to express their views on "Words of Affirmation for Family"through children song composition and educate children family values. competition website 2. Loving Family School Project - Family Seeds Fund Through the school's activities to promote happy family relationships, students can recognise positive family values ​​and build good family relationships with their families. Project's details The media coverages of "Words of Affirmation" Survey conference": Press Release AM730 家庭開心指數不跌反升 專家︰無包外來環境因素 (2019-9-3) Sing Tao Daily 家庭開心指數較去年上升(2019-9-3) Sing Tao Education 家庭開心指數升 逾七成受訪者間中或從不表達愛(2019-9-3) Hong Kong Economic Journal 家庭開心指數勝去歲(2019-9-3) Pneuma News 2019香港家庭開心指數上升 青春期遇上更年期 要懂得說「愛」(2019-9-3) Parenting Headline 【幸福美滿】家庭開心指數6.89分 較去年微升 (2019-9-3) Oriental daily 50%受訪者不懂向家人示愛 (2019-9-3) 家庭開心指數升 惟逾5成人不懂向家人表達愛意 (2019-9-2)

Simple Living@Happy Family

We are now living in a society which people consume goods or services for reasons beyond their basic use-value and that is slowly destroying our environment and possibly affecting our family relationships. Lee Kum Kee family Foundation is collaborating with Wofoo Social Enterprises for a one year “S.Living@Happy Family” project to promote the concept of simple living through different activities. Through this project, we would like to encourage more families to adopt simple lifestyle to reduce environmental hazards and improve family relationships.

Gearing Up for Third Age & Multi-Generational Capacity Building

The ageing issue is getting worse in Hong Kong. The retirement population is growing rapidly, and they are looking for a positive and dynamic lifestyle. The Gearing Up for Third Age & Multi-Generational Capacity Building project is expected to help third agers equipping their future challenges and build harmonious multi-generational family relationships in an aging society.